Popular CD Duplication Packaging Options



The term ‘CD’ or compact disc technically comes from Phillips to be precise, all the way back in 1977; they named this project the Compact Disc Project due to the success of the Compact Cassette. The interesting part here is that while Phillips were at the forefront of disc technology, having released their laser disc player which was way ahead of its competitors in terms of physical design of the CD, they lacked the experience to develop it any further. Now it’s being compulsory to everyone who wants to get projection through media to choose different packages according to field. Here are some popular packages


Digipaks are made from only the optimum materials, including full-color printing, using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for rich, vibrant look that is supreme. If you want a major-label-quality CD Digipak in economical price possible by only CD Duplication Scotland. They are strong and look like a million bucks and having UV coating superior finish. Digipaks last for longer number of years. Guarantee of 100% satisfaction, you would have a truly matchless Digi pak lighter and more affordable to mail.


  • Eco-wallets by CD Duplication Scotland make a stunning retail-ready package for CDs and DVDs alike.

  • Eco-Wallets come with spine or no spine according to choice.

  • Eco-Wallets are touched by perfection from only the finest materials, including full-color printing, non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is incomparable in the industry.

  • A super-shiny gloss or velvety matte finish-absolutely approach able for you now.

  • This UV coating provides a greater look but also save Eco-Wallets for 10 years.

 Jackets For pure simplicity

  • Raw affordability, nothing packs a wallop like CDs and DVDs in custom printed jackets.

  • Jackets for pure simplicity with lightest weight, they are ideal for direct mail campaigns.

  • Jackets are printed from only the superior materials, including full-color printing, non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vivacious look that is unequaled in the industry.

  • Add to all of this our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, our low price, Guaranteed 7and 3-1day turn times and you have the best CD jacket printing around.

 Mainly due to Sony’s development of Digital Versatile Discs or DVDs as the world knows them, now there seems to be the keenness of the next development in optical disc storage. CD Duplication Scotland is helping people to preserve, back up and duplicate CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays to the highest possible standard. See Details


Get your CD’s done on time before Holidays

If you’ve got a master CD or DVD that you need to copy, finding a reputable CD/DVD duplication service online will allow you get high-quality copies fast, for a very affordable price. When you choose the right duplication service provider, all you’ll need to do is fill out an order form online to get a fast and efficient service.

Replication services are not created equal

Before you select CD printing services via the World Wide Web, you should be aware that all CD/DVD duplication services are not created equal.Some has got some qualities but to get maximum required qualities you have to

Online order is Easy and secure 

The best CD/DVD printing and duplication services will make it really easy for you to access their services online. Competitive Pricing – Comparison shop online by requesting a few quotations for CD replication services; then, choose the provider that offers you the best service and features at a price that you can really afford.

Fastest Turnaround Time

If you want your CD/DVD copies quickly, you need to find an online service provider that offers a fast turnaround time. With online services, always access able at any time website easyreplication.co.uk is here to inquire about our 24 hours online services. So for effective business or music promotion, or e in an urgency of short run requirement of your master DVD, easy replication is for cost effective high quality CD or DVD duplication services.

Guarantees – to protect yourself

Look for companies that back up their CD/DVD duplication services with guarantees. So, that you could save your budget and as well your repute in market. In this comparison, Easy replication has got a name to deliver work without failure and it is big advantage to get projects.

Order and have done your CD order before the holidays coming this years

You can order and have done your CD order before the holidays coming this years. CD replication is being done by latest machinery with shortest turn around. Now you can complete your promotion project with satisfaction of guaranteed work, on time delivery and superb quality.

Different firms are offering replication services in the industry but not competent enough. To deliver the high quality replication services Easy replication is very famous name and offers such services according to requirement within the infrastructure of any organization. Very important reason for its popularity is faster duplication and replication, best picture quality and best sound in affordable budget. See Details

Reasons of Having a Good Quality Disc.



Discs are used for burning music, high quality image production.

As with all things, quality matters in discs as well, and quality is not limited to the content present on the disc – the overall quality of production is also important. CD quality depends on the CD replication machine and the company which is having the responsibility to take CD duplication, CD replication. Mostly companies are giving good quality but at high rate and their timing is not accurate.

All discs of high quality, how to know?

Disc mastering is the process by which a ‘read only’ quality disc is produced in large numbers. Disc mastering ensures that all discs produced are of high quality, because mastering involves replication of discs from a source rather than burning separate discs. Disc mastering ensures that all discs that reach your customers actually work.

Quality of the cover and the quality of the CD label

The quality of the cover and the quality of the CD label printing or the DVD label printing is also very important as it is the first things that attract customers about your disc. An attractive cover of the highest quality will help your quality disc stand out from the rest of pack, and will ensure that it will never go into a pile of waste.

Easy replication offers unique flight characteristics

Easy replication offers unique flight characteristics and advantages to match the various needs of throwers and the diverse environments encountered on different disc golf courses. Easy replication offers high performance, outstanding durability in CD replication. Easy replication provides very high quality discs with excellent durability. Versatile plastic enhances grip and offers increased glide in flight.

Widest variety of models and weights

At Easy replication CDs are available in the widest variety of models and weights, plus it is offered at affordable price. Best suited for your abilities and situations and remember that Easy replication is the leader in disc technology. CD replication short run facility you can’t get better any where rather than Easy replication. Good quality makes CD attractive for customer not for temporary basis but it leaves long lasting effects on market to get you good repute. See Details

Digipaks – Popular CD replication Packaging option


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CDs and DVDs are still very popular promotional materials. They are inexpensive to produce and easy to send through mailers. If you are creating promotional materials for your organization, you want to make sure you have followed the best way to showcase your materials while still being practical. In the past, most people used plastic jewel cases for their CDs, but these can break easily and don’t create a very professional look for DVDs.

Digi packs as a promotional tool

Digi pak is becoming more popular because of its resistance to breaking and its classic look. Musicians all over the world are switching from jewel case to digipak to enhance the image of their CD products. Settle not for the mediocrity! Go for the premium! Go for digipak! Easy replication promoted the acceptance of digipak promoting 1,000 CDs in digi paks in low price. This is historical! No one has ever sold digipaks less then jewel cases and is the first one.

Basics of Digipacks

A Digi pack is a gatefold style CD case made from cardstock. In most cases, these cases are designed with an outer fold made from card stock or paperboard. Inside there is a plastic tray that contains a “soft spot” that holds the CD in place. Many companies use these for special releases or limited edition CDs. They are still relatively inexpensive to produce, although costing slightly more compared to a standard jewel case, they tend to be less prone to breaking, which assists with the distribution of the product.

Most versions of the Digipack are covered in UV coatings

Covered in UV coatings that helps ensure that the design will not get bent or fade during transport or over time as it sits in the user’s collection. Many designers like the idea of using a Digi pack to market their media because the tri fold design offers plenty of space for artwork and other promotional materials. Standard jewel cases must have other materials inserted inside to get the same effect. When selecting a packaging option for CDs and DVDs, you want to consider how the product will be handled. You want to find the balance between creating an inexpensive option and providing the disc plenty of support as it travels to your customers.

Other Options for CD or DVD Packaging

There are wide varieties of packaging options considered standard for DVD and CD replication packaging. The 6 panel digi pak are similar to the digi pack, but offering a twofold design instead of one Single CD sleeves can be designed for easy mailing. Taller versions are available for DVDs, mimicking the look of a standard movie case, though the sleeve will be much thinner. Sleeves can also be produced from recycled materials for a more environmentally friendly packaging option.

While many sleeves are made from reinforced card stock, you can create versions that are much thinner, made from paper or a light plastic with a cellophane window that will show off the product inside. Those that are planning to focus their design work on the CD can also design a vinyl sleeve for added protection.

Other versions of these CD or DVD cases can be designed to hold multiple discs. Easy replication makes it easier for you to offer your clients a set that includes all of your material without having to pay for extra packaging or extra shipping. See Details

How to get High Volume Retail CD Replication


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What do you want when look for CD replication?

Professional-looking package gives certainty to build a control the market.Contrast of printing and packaging solutions which are designed to place your project within the absolute best lightweight. Having no drawback — crisp text, glorious picture rendering and superfine graphics warranted. It is because at present there’s no excuse for not standing out from the gang of success.

Popular CD Replication packaging choices

 Now a day’s Digipaks Jewel cases, slim cases, Wallets, Jackets and sleeves,Multi-disc configurations, Clamshells CD replication custom packaging all are in the market to win the race of being best CD replication

How easy replication is a good option?

Easy replication is working with staff specifically trained in varied areas of the CD replication and producing business together with bulk replication, so as to heighten business information, improve client service and to stay costs competitive it is the best choice.

If you’re wishing for into high volume, bulk producing

 A distinctive CD replication line will turn out thousands of CDs on every day. CD replication is supposed for top volume skilled CD production and is that the normal for major business releases. CD producing for the technical details on CD replication is also available at customer services

Having domination of handling multiple multi-million dollar business

Amusement and government contracts for several years, with proficient team understand what the need of time, style, legal needs and project management to fulfillment, supplying and pleasant client service.Since, Easy replications service provider serving customers’ highest product for the simplest price.

CD Replication ironed from a glass master and also the design is written directly onto the discs or printing process everything is at its best. – Easy replications made music CDs and on-the-shorter turn around given for CD replication.

The effort out of four stage method you’ll build your excellent custom CD in exactly seconds.

Selection of CD packaging and volume is up to you. Full size and mini disc choices. Having Giant order? No problem. Simply get what number you would like.

Common CD Replication packaging options


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If CD replication packaging options are being discussed, what is on priority?

Quality is always your high priority, when it comes to the field of professional CD manufacturing. You can’t find the middle ground. Constant CD replication methodology utilized by major label artists is being preferred in the whole world, because it is   sensible for coding system, music or promotional according to the demand with unconquerable strength and presentation.

What is an ideal CD-manufacturing or replication methodology for packaging options?

You need all-under-one-roof CD manufacturing or replication methodology suggests and tendency to face live able to rapidly turnaround. Cost-cutting measure of finance according to affordability and additional qualities of international standard is desired by you. For abrupt distribution to stores, trade fairs and on-line discs come written, packaged, wrapped and prepared. So you could save time however as money.                                                                                                                                                                                   Easy way to get highest standard you wish for

The mounted worth CDs, established charges, on-disc full-color printing, protection coating, packaging, assembly, shrink wrap and shipping to benchmark costs against trade standards to make positive ,you can get easily on line services of Easyreplication, Made in UK . Its CD manufacturing is at the uppermost standard to ensure highest quality is reason of fame for Easy replication.

Easy replication is making it easiest to get success with variety of packaging options
it is particular in custom-made packaging for special projects available to make your product outstanding.  Your proposed projecting ideas will not only enhance the overall look of your product, but also within your budget. Let its skill and acquaintance work for your CD manufacturing and CD replication.

Standard packaging options available

There are an unlimited number of packaging solutions, for your budget and imagination! Stylish alternative to the standard CD Jewel Case, CD Digipaks, custom printed card packaging that can hold one or more CDs which are held in place with plastic trays, Jewel cases with unlimited edition or specialist CD products on the other hand upgrading in CD manufacturing and CD packaging printing techniques has meant perfection. Slim cases designed to offer sleek and sophisticated beautifully blends refinement with enhanced protection. Jackets and sleeves -the jacket are available for outer most pretty packaging of your record. The sleeves are within the jacket and truly hold the record safe with an excellent art.

You have many Multi-disc configurations choices for logical volume configuration and Clamshells variety. You have only one place to go for making your dream true and that is Easy replication CD manufacturing.

CD Duplication, send us artwork and you’re DONE!


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Why use the Duplication Service?

The question arise that why it’s needed to have CD manufacturing and duplication .Actually it is the age of computer and it is the fastest way to approach the people’s mind and pocket too. Obviously when they will be inspired they will be your customer. Few years back it was not the trend to follow too many companies. The competition was not tough as today it is. To prove you self best you have to do a lot of work to make it productive and creative. What after that, if all your hard work goes waste just because of wrong selection of company services you are hiring for duplication services.

Chose the reliable one for CD manufacturing

CD duplication, Bulk Scotland CD Manufacturing Services UK must be done by the company who has information and experience to supply a top quality and reliable CD duplication service on time within affordable budget. Duplication machinery must be up to date for quickly manufacture top quality discs – excellent for brief runs and quick turnarounds.

Advantages of choosing Easy replication                                                   

Top quality full face direct on disc digital printing with branded discs duplicated with audio or information from your master disc and CD manufacturing is being done by Easy replication with the foremost competitive turn around.

CD Duplication

CD Duplication and CD manufacturing is widely used for distribution of corporate presentations, DJ promos or demos, advertising literature, club proceedings, and event promoters. Ideal for music or data High quality CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication service and also Discs are available with stunning high quality at Easy replication. Easy replication is earning repute through ideal work onetime delivery in low budget.

Get the excellent results

Easy replication takes the effort out of CD replication and CD manufacturing. With its clear-cut method you’ll build your excellent custom CD in precisely seconds. Chose the percentage according to your affordability and desire .Select the package of CD manufacturing whether it is ready made or custom whatever do you want. Send your master plan and design to and your content will be delivered to you in time with excellent results. Prime quality full face direct on disc digital printing with branded discs duplicated with audio or information from your master discs. Get the excellent results by getting Easy replication’s services.

Digi packs CD replication package – a choice for brands


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In CD manufacturing MeadWestvaco firstly created digi packs .It is form of CD Manufacturing Prices shaped out of card stock or completely different thick paper/cardboard material. It holds the CD made of plastic like a customary jewel case CD, Its open in style of a book, or it’ll have three elements, thus one portion of the packaging opens to the correct and one to the left, with the CD inside the middle portion. Usually, the portion of the digipack that hold the CD is made of plastic style of an ancient jewel case CD – the plastic 0.5 is only attached to the paper background. It is new in CD manufacturing and liked by people very much. Format became more popular and began to be used by more manufacturers; the generic “digipack” came to be used to describe all soft CD packaging.

Reason to have Digi packs

They look nice, and lots of bands and labels wish to use them for aesthetic reasons. The lot of style choices exposes by the 3 section digi pack sleeves, as a result of there’s a lot of space. However, they are costlier than ancient liner notes and jewel cases. Lighter than the jewel case and provides more disc protection than a wallet.

Optimistic conducts of Digi pack

They don’t crack like jewel cases but rip and the paper starts to peel apart and detach. Means it’s more delicate to handle. It is more environment friendly because they made by recycled paper. If you have low budget and you need excellent in quality in the industry then what you will do? Digipacks look nice, however if you are simply beginning out and cash is tight, probing for ways that to chop your

Search the way out positively

Easy replication uses constant CD manufacturing ,replication method utilized by major label artists — excellent for software package, music or promotional comes that demand unbeatable sturdiness and performance.

Its all-under-one-roof CD manufacturing, CD replication method means quickest and the finest work and the economical scale is marvelous .It stretch according to your convenience and become lower when your demand is going higher. It is a distinctive quality what other companies of CD manufacturing don’t have .The better substitute of the old-fashioned jewel case easy replication CD manufacturing Digipack isn’t solely elegant and environmentally friendly, it’s quickly become the new trade customary for CD manufacturing.

Unique features

You can get full color high resolution inkjet on-disc printing, full color 4 panel Digipacks .It is up to your choice that you want matte or glossy finish. With clear tray packaged in crystal clear reseal able bags and with shortest turn around you can get within demanded time. You can get international standard in affordable package by joining Easy replication CD manufacturing.

CD Replication with limitless packaging options


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It can be demand of changing trends of your time, business or art to urge bulk CD replication then what you may do? Compromise cannot be done on quality, for obtaining smart quality watch for that point once you may afford. The next step is options in packaging. Many companies are claiming to have hundred of packages but at the eleventh hour you come to know that all the claims are just claims without reality about CD manufacturing.

CD Packaging plays an important role in success

Digital Replication information of graphic style, graphic production, electronic pre-press, and various custom packaging choices permits to suggest ideal CD packaging solutions for excellence of your project. A limitless quantity of custom packaging choices to confirm the distinctive CD packaging desires of every project are required. The more popular custom and standard solutions will be chosen by you and more the benefit you would be able to get. You need help to find the right CD manufacturing prices solution to meet the objectives of your project, and managing the project to insure your satisfaction.

The way to differentiate the work style

Many people are working in market and having their styles and ways to work but for some style has been become their recognition and they are not ready to back off. Easy replication is one of them who do work to get repute and earn good name in industry in CD manufacturing. Its work is being done from decades of success.

 Creating an effort amateur simply isn’t enough for CD manufacturing

Representation is all for Easy replication. Premium materials with superior machinery, professional-looking package that’s guaranteed to turn out an impression on time delivery and affordable package of CD manufacturing, what suits your pocket very much are the main traits. But the most important is that it has got all the option of packaging what are required to compete and sustain in industry. An exceptional level of quality is being given with limitless packages multiplicity and environmentally friendly inks and packaging materials.

This can save your time and money hence ensuring authentic replications services. To find out about your many options, including custom print and packaging options as well as a Digi-paks Jewel cases, slim cases, Wallets, Jackets and sleeves Clamshells, Multi-disc configurations you can get easily on line details. The highest qualities, inexpensive value the fastest delivery and the best replenish get a lot of from Easy replication.

Lowest failure rate in the CD replication industry


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You become popular in any field, if quality is your top priority .Easy replication has made optical storage, CD replication that became a widespread computing standard .Its quality is marvelous. So by applying this natural principal to success, it has gained name, popularity and worth in industry. Let’s have an over view that what are the reasons to say that Easy replication has the lowest rate of failure in the CD manufacturing industry.

Priority is quality and cannot be compromised.

Easy replication has contributed most of the physical designs in Bulk Scotland CD Manufacturing Services UK, which were able to have competition with the leaders. It has been never compromised any time. The CD manufacturing process is similar which is used by major label artists — wonderful for software, great for music and superb for promotional projects that require unconquerable performance. No stone is left unturned to satisfy the customers. Every CD has the same form factor physical shape and layout of the master compact disc.

Quick turn around and timely delivery

If you want to get competitive work for CD manufacturing, than you have to wait for a month or some more days. It is the most common dialogue from the bigger names in the industry. On the other hand when they deliver it is usually late from the committed time. Means you are in loss from both sides. Easy replication takes rush orders even and delivery on time is its passion. Shortest time for turnaround is 24 hours. Here under-one-roof CD manufacturing process quickly turnaround runs of 500 to 1,000,000+ unit’s means no problem for bulk CD replication too.

The price is according to your pocket

It consistently offering the most affordable CD manufacturing rates in the industry. The main flexibility is that price becomes lesser as order grows bigger. Means as your order is larger your discount will be as larger and you have to pay low. This flexibility you can’t find at any other place. It has given a new standard to prices against industry standards to make sure and constructive blow.

CD manufacturing packaging options

Variety of option is here discs ready for immediate distribution to stores, printed, packaged, wrapped and having many option don’t let you go any other place . You get all you desire at one place. Digipaks, Jewel cases, slim cases, Wallets, Jackets and sleeves and all the latest options are available. Much faster work is done by the people who are expert in their work and for CD manufacturing they got their own strategies to win the competition in industry .For them your image is more important than any other thing so they work harder for positive projection. They make it possible to deliver work on time in low price without mistakes. In reward they have lowest failure rate in the CD manufacturing industry.